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Who do I work with?

My clients are business men, who are high achievers. They want fast, effective results. However, many are hitting barriers and not feeling as powerful or in control as they would like. They are living full time lives, yet recognise that making changes now would create their vision for the future. I work with clued up & switched on men who want to excel in life, but just hitting some problems such as :

  • Drinking too much either as a habit or a way to switch off from the day
  • Not enjoying home and work relationships as before
  • Feeling stuck in a rut
  • Getting angry or tense about things that didn’t used to be a problem
  • Previously getting good results but finding things more difficult now
What answers would you get if you asked yourself: 
  • If you could be at your peak with life feeling like an adventure – would you make the change?  
  • If you could feel strong and powerfully assertive in challenging situations – does that interest you?
  • What is it costing you to stay stuck where you are?  Missed promotions and payrises?  Less fulfilling relationships?
  • Imagine if you knew and believed your own value – Would you be enjoying fun and happy relationships?  Would you treat life like an adventure?  

Let me help you burst through your blocks and self-limiting beliefs and live YOUR life to your fullest potential. 

And what is my role?

I  will show you what you cannot see and say things to you that others do not say.  I will help you reach a sense of clarity about how your life is now and how you can impact your future.  I help you develop new neural pathways that help you to live a resourceful and fulfilling life.  Every journey has its own high and low points.  What barriers, problems, frustrations and disappointments are you going through?  Let’s get this sorted.

Achieve your goals with the signature Programme

Understand where you are now.  Decide where you want to be.  Get there quickly.


Your Vision and Barriers

Where are you now and where do you want to be?  What is stopping you from getting there?


Signature of Change

Choosing from a number of modules that will help you reach your target. Setting a plan.  Doing it.


Create your future

Change to become the person YOU want to be through mindset and coaching.


Ongoing Support

Follow up calls and emails for up to 12 months to check that you are remaining on target.  


Working with Liz, I started to realise what I was doing and changed the way I planned my working and personal life. I started to reduce the stressful situations I was creating. People I worked with commented that I was more relaxed and available.
Sales Director

What is important right now....

Change is possible

If you could feel Successful, Powerful and Confident…  Feel like you were in control and had choices…  Feel like you were on the path that is right for you…  Have positive relationships with colleagues…

 Would that interest you?

Think about your relationships with friends, family and loved ones.  Make you happy?  Content?  Connected?  People who make you laugh?  Who you want to be around?  Who you trust and value?

Does that sound important?

We all get to make choices, but are you making the ones that you WANT to make?  Would you like to take your future into a new direction? Stop using substitutions like alcohol or drugs to make you feel better?

Do you want to feel in control?

Personal Support

Feeling confident?  Assertive?  Brave?  Happy?  Content?  Settled?  Clear? Calm?  It is never right to feel anxious, depressed, have PTSD, or be battling health concerns.  It doesn’t have to be like that.    

Would it feel good to feel good?

Live your life to

Your fullest potential

Life….. Live it how it should be lived

Let's talk!

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