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10 Tips to lower your alcohol intake

10 Tips to lower your alcohol intake

Alcohol and You

Have you ever thought you might be drinking too much?

Have you ever made a true note of how often you drink alcohol and thought to yourself  “I need to do something about this”. 

BBC Presenter, Adrian Chiles, said that he felt horrified to realise he was a regular daily drinker, drinking 100 units + per week.   Not considering himself an alcoholic, but someone who was drinking heavily on a daily basis.  He didn’t realise how those units stacked up.  Click here for more.  

Does it feel like you always have a drink in your hand? Maybe your work role involves a lot of social networking or business concluded over a drink.   Getting in from work and having a glass of wine with dinner?  Watching the football with friends over a few pints? 

10 Easy Tips to cut the units and not even notice!

Give your liver a break with these 10 simple tips to cut down on the units.

1 – Have a clear goal on what you are cutting down and why.  If you intend to have regular weekly days of no alcohol, decide which days.  Set the rules that you will follow.   

2 – Tell a friend that you intend to cut down on how much you drink.  If you drink regularly with this person, ask for some support and encouragement.

3 – Use a smaller glass – If you swap the glass size, you will find that you naturally cut out some of your units

4 – Start drinking later in the day – you don’t have to crack open the bottle as soon as you get in, or once dinner is on the go. Starting later means less drinking.

5 – Don’t buy it in bulk or keep the ‘just in case’ bottle in the fridge. People drink more if they have an open bottle or box in the fridge. Take it out of the fridge and when out of sight – out of mind!

6 – Buy lower alcohol content /make more spritzers.  Even going from 5% to 4% drinks will make a difference.

7 – If you are drinking to mask feelings of anxiety or depression, then book in some sessions with a therapist or coach to change how you feel.

8 – Book a night at the pictures or bowling rather than at the pub or out for a meal.  Take up a new hobby that doesn’t involve time drinking.   

9 – Don’t go for the drink after work with colleagues – get an earlier train and switch off from the workplace!  You see them for lots of hours during the week – enjoy your free time!

10 – Make a note of how you are feeling before you have a drink.  If you notice that you are stressed or depressed, find another way of dealing with that feeling.  Exercise, talk to a friend, deal with the cause.  

If you may be alcohol dependent, then it is not safe to quit or radically reduce your alcohol intake without support from a medical professional.  Quit safely by first speaking to your GP or an alcohol specialist.

I am a qualified alcohol counsellor and work with people to change their relationship with drink.  If you would like to book in a free consultation to discuss this or anything else, please get in touch. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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