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The Impossible Task of Depression

The Impossible Task of Depression

Tweets by @MollyBackes, The Impossible Task subject has been shared 12k times and favourited 28k times.  It certainly captured my imagination when I saw it on my newsfeed this morning.

So what is an impossible task?  It is that thing that you can’t do right now… that thing that just seems like it takes too much energy, too much brain power, too much decisiveness, or is simply just too much.  Sending an email, paying a bill, putting a meeting agenda together, going to the shops, having that important conversation, booking in that game of golf.  It is something that you might have been able to do it yesterday and you might have regained the focus for it tomorrow… but not today.  And in all honesty, it may not be tomorrow either.  

What is depression

Black Dog of Depression

Depression is different from feeling down or sad. Unhappiness is something which everyone feels at one time or another, usually due to a particular cause. A person experiencing depression will experience intense emotions of anxiety, hopelessness, negativity and helplessness, and the feelings stay with them instead of going away.

Depression can happen to anyone. Many successful and famous people who seem to have everything going for them battle with this problem. Depression also affects people of every age.     Mental Health Org. on depression.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

  • A lack of positive energy
  • Getting annoyed at minor situations or with people around you
  • Feeling defeated and not seeing a way out
  • Sleeping more or less than your normal pattern
  • Not wanting to get out of bed and face the day
  • Finding solace in alcohol or drugs
  • Finding it hard to function at work
  • Stepping back from social situations and cancelling plans
  • Physical aches and pains
  • Loss of sex drive and libido
  • Thoughts of wanting to harm yourself

I will be OK... just don't tell anyone

If this is striking a few chords or hitting a few buttons for you, you won’t be alone.  You might be doing really well at work and yet realising that you feel exhausted by the time you put your key in the front door at night.  You may be the life and soul of the party but it just feels that it is a fixed smile on the outside and a certain flatness on the inside.  

If you have one or more impossible tasks happening in your life, then be nice to yourself.  See your GP.  Get some support.  Ask for help.  Speak to a Coach.  Take some time out.  But keeping it all bottled up isn’t generally helpful in getting it sorted. 

What can help "beat your own impossible task" list?

Identify what the tasks are and break them down in to small tasks.  Trying to tackle the mountain can happen just one step at a time!  Ask yourself what emotions or feelings are being experienced as you think of the task.  Is it something that has to be done today, or can it wait until a later time? Speak to a friend or colleague and ask for some help.  Can you outsource the task to another person, company or a VA? 

Have a look at your routines.  Making sure that you are eating some good healthy food and getting a nights sleep as they work wonders on energy levels.  Are you due any time off work?  Reboot some batteries by switching off the work computer and getting a break.  

Ask yourself when things started feeling more impossible?  If you have been through some life stressors, then it can be normal to feel like you need to stop and refocus on priorities.        

Liz Sharpe

My name is Liz Sharpe and I specialise in working with business men who are hitting a few barriers in life.  If this article resonates with you, then please do get in touch to book in your free consultation and strategy call.  Let’s work together to blast those impossible tasks out of the water and get you back to living life how it should be lived!  You can read more about my coaching programme HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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