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Signature Programme

I help you get to where you want to be.  Rapidly.  Effectively.  I can help you overcome the barriers that are keeping you stuck.  Big claim.  But true.  If you want change – then everything is possible.


Identify your vision and gain clarity on your current situation.  Do you know who you really are and what you really want out of life?


Identify your road blocks.  What has been holding you back in life?  What keeps happening that needs to stop.

Break 'em

Fast and effective methods to eliminate the blocks holding you back.  


The programme of support contains modules such as positive relationships, obliterating stress, addictions, anger, mindset

Stay on track

Goal setting for time out of session with follow up phone calls to discuss progress. A focused and tailored level of support.


Stay committed to your journey of change with follow up engagement of support.

About the Signature

If you are a professional business man wanting to take positive action towards change – this is for you.  Support from an Executive Mindset Coach to get things sorted.  Fast.

  • Strategy Call to plan programme
  • Goals and targets established at start
  • Sessions at time and place to suit you
  • 3+ sessions to take positive action
  • Support in between as required
  • Resources and tools to stay on track

Areas of Change

Work and Career

If you could feel success, powerful and confident…  Feel like you were in control and had choices… Feel like you were on the path that is right for you… Have positive relationships with colleagues…

Would that interest you?


Think about your relationships wiht friends, family and loved ones.  Make you happy?  Content?  Connected?  People who make you laugh?  Who you want to be around?  Who you trust and value?  

Does that sound right? 

Lifestyle Change

We all get to make choices, but are you making the ones that you WANT to make?  Would you like to take your future into a new direction… stop using alcohol / drugs to make you feel better?


Do you want to feel in control?

Personal Support

Feeling confident?  Assertive?  Brave?  Happy?  Content?  Settled?  Clear?  Calm?  It is never good to feel anxious, depressed, have PTSD, or be battling health concerns.  Doesn’t have to be like that.


Would it feel good to feel good?

When did you last spend a day on YOU?

I specialize in helping people figure out what it is that makes them happy and fulfilled in life, while maintaining steady and predictable success goals

The A-Z guide to a VIP day

Thinking Space

Time away from it all to focus on you and what is happening around you.

All about you

Develop plans and strategies for your future plus leave the day with clarity of mind

Solution focused

Developing the right actions for pending life events. Overcoming the hurdles of life.

Your own blueprint

Take away your blueprint, tailored to your specific business / personal goals

About the Coaching Day

Time to take stock, challenge your barriers to success and move forward with a powerfully confident mind-set, in this fast track, coaching day.  Intensive Solution focused approach to getting you to your future.  

The day is designed with you in mind, but perhaps :

  • Develop the right actions for pending changes – redundancy, retirement, relationships, promotion, relocation
  • Setting your targets for your future
  • Know how to use your personality strengths to succeed in business and life
  • Developing strategies for responding to fast moving situations in a calm assertive manner.  
  • Dealing with the concerns or barriers that arise with change.
  • Takeaway your Signature Blueprint – outlining your next steps and tailored to your goals
  • Follow up online session for accountability and support

Your life is more important than you may believe

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